About the Author

I’m a queer Australian lady living in rural Victoria with my lovely partner and our two ridiculous Pomeranians (who shall be fondly referred to as GrumpyPomma and SmileyPomma). I’ve always loved drawing and art, particularly those found in comics and games — the kind that goes hand in hand with telling some sort of story. I’ve also been an avid fan-fiction writer for various series over the years, although until recently I haven’t taken any of those skills very seriously. Sable Fable is my first big online project, conceived in the throes of madness, desperation and overwhelming inspiration that would not be denied.

Some people know from a very young age what sort of career they’re destined for. Perhaps they are blessed with an exquisite talent in some specific niche, or maybe they are afflicted with an overwhelming passion for a cause or industry of some kind. It could be that they simply have a strong sense of motivation to go forth and do that thing that sings so strongly in their hearts, and such people don’t realise how lucky they are because even now I still feel like I’m only fumbling blindly closer to whatever it is my true life’s pursuit is. Trying to figure that out back when I first graduated from High School was completely unthinkable.

I took a course in Computer Science, because that seemed sensible and easy — ignoring the fact that I’ve always had a passion for creative expression. After all, everyone knows it’s next to impossible to make money in art unless you are extremely good, and as someone who suffered fairly heavily from low self-esteem and imposter-syndrome, I felt I wasn’t. It wasn’t necessarily an untrue assumption back then, but with a bit more confidence and determination I could have started honing my skills and become someone good. Instead, I tried my hand at the more serious side of computing and found it incredibly, painfully boring. The urge to find something more exciting nagged at me until eventually I had to give in.

I briefly considered transferring into a straight-up game design course, given how much I loved being a gamer myself, but once again felt it was an industry only for people who were entirely dedicated to being the very BEST, not someone like me who still wasn’t completely sure what they wanted to be doing. Instead I went into Multimedia creation which was both good and bad for me, because it taught me how to do a little bit of lots of different things — from web design to filming to animation to print media — but got me no closer to finding the ONE TRUE THING that all other people seemed to discover when they finally realised their passion.

So I got my degree and felt completely unprepared to go out and take on the world with it. I did a little bit of advertising for small companies, and then ended up doing something completely unrelated to art and design for a number of years (as you do) which paid the bills but did not offer me the sort of fulfilment I’ve always hoped for.

Then I met the love of my life, who has taught me many a thing about art and inspiration and the terrible uncertainty and ridiculous angst that afflicts even the best and most brilliant of artists, and so instead of waiting for fulfilment to come and find me, I’m going to slam my head against the unknown until either something shakes loose or I go completely crazy. Some people may argue that the latter has already happened.

Part of the reason Sable Fable is such an ambition project is because all its scope gives me plenty of room to search for myself. I’m going to meet lots of amazing people and do insane amounts of work, and find reasons to be proud of myself and just enjoy doing the creative things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t find room for in day-to-day life. Also, the project won’t leave me alone and it would be nice to get it out of my head so I can finally sleep at night instead of dreaming about storm clouds and monsters and queer, confused students stumbling through twisted worlds of dark imagination.


Pomeranians! GrumpyPomma on the left always looks like he wants to eat someone’s face off.
SmileyPomma on the right is ridiculously photogenic whenever he gets his picture taken, which is often.