Why a Flash Comic? Why not just do the usual image format?

A simple image-based format would be faster to produce, certainly, but if you read the About page you’ll see that my training is in Multimedia and my passion is for games. While I’ve wanted for years to do an online comic, when the time came to do it I realised I wanted something more. Something with sound and music, something people could interact with and play with and feel immersed in. I was also inspired by this other lovely comic — Buying Time — which successfully pulled off the Flash Page format for individual comic pages and realised I could do something similar, albeit with more interaction.

Also because I enjoy a challenge, and am willing to sacrifice my free time to get it.


I’m having trouble viewing the comic! Help!

Have you downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash? If that doesn’t work, try refreshing your browser and/or clearing the cache. If that doesn’t work, email me and I’ll see if I can help you out. People with slow internet connections may have more trouble with the files, and if that’s the case I want to know about it so I can work at keeping the comic pages small and accessible.


What is this Patreon thing you keep mentioning?

The Patreon FAQ answers this question better than I can. Basically, Patreon allows people who want to support Sable Fable and see more of it to make donations that help me give them exactly that. Patreon allows me to justify all the hours I spend drawing, coding, animating and colouring. It also lets me finance the equipment I need to keep working and keeps me in enough pomeranian kibble to keep my bratty pets happy and distracted from pestering me.


Why be a Patreon Patron?

See my Patreon Page for the list of all the benefits and nice things being a Patron gets you. Because Patrons are integral to my work, they get first access to all new content, special dedicated art, and get to vote on story decisions. Non-Patrons will get to see most of the content eventually, but won’t get to participate in guiding the story decisions.


I saw “____” in your Introduction Video. Is that going to happen in the comic?

Probably. Maybe. Some of it will depend on the decisions Patrons make in guiding the story. Other things I’ve planned to appear no matter what, but talking too much about that would be giving away spoilers. :)


I want “____” to happen in your comic!

Great! Become a Patron and suggest it to me! If it’s a good idea I’ll put it up for a general vote, or if I like it a lot, I’ll just write it in and give you credit for the idea. If you’re planning on making suggestions, though, be aware that there are some guidelines I have in place to keep things balanced.


What are the guidelines for suggestions?

I) First of all, I won’t be taking any suggestions that disrupt the core concepts of the comic. Sable Fable has certain themes that make up it’s very essence. Hopefully you became interested in the project because you liked those themes and want to see more of them, but just in case there’s any uncertainty, I have a general outline for the feel and direction of the story and that won’t be changed. Otherwise it would be disrespectful to Patrons who choose to support the project thinking it was going to be one thing only for it to become something entirely different.

II) Suggestions that are disrespectful or discriminatory to any group of people will not be considered. They will be ignored, and persistence will get you a banned.

III) Suggestions accompanied by rudeness, threats or harassment will not be considered, and will also earn you a warning or a ban depending on the level of severity.


But I don’t like “____”! Can you change it so it’s not in your comic?

If it’s one of the core concepts, probably not. If you don’t like horror/gore/queer-friendly things, this probably isn’t the comic for you.


You wrote this thing and it offended me! Can you get rid of it?

Some of the ideas I want to write about in Sable Fable are sensitive and nuanced, and I’m not completely immune to screwing up. If you think I’ve written something insulting or derogatory, please let me know. I will fix it if I can.


Have a question that’s not on this list?

Email me or leave a comment below!